Top Offer Processing (TOP)

TOP (Total Offer Processing) offers to industrial key account customers complete steel solutions integrating following processes: cutting, bending, stamping, welding, fabrication, surface treatments (cataphoresis and painting) and assembling of parts and logistic.

The equipment of our 35 sites (5 sites under
construction), their geographical location and our belonging to the world's number one steel group, allow us to supply economic, technical and logistic solutions to the many problems that our customers are facing.

From the simple cutted part unto subassemblies delivered JIT, TOP has the possibility to mobilise important resources focused on projects of clients with specific needs. Already widely present in Europe, TOP today is accelerating its international development in order to follow its clients.


TOP China - with the same strategy - has the mission to develop quickly the capacity of its Chinese offer. This offer is already efficient in our AMC (Changzhou) subsidiary and TOP China is aiming to promote this offer to the key accounts who are already present in China or other countries.


KEY FIGURES and facts



Shipments: 250 Ktons

Shipments: 5kt

Sales: 500 million US$

Sales: 14 millions US$ (in 2011)

Headcounts: 1800

Headcounts: 240