Shanghai Bao Yi

Shanghai Bao Yi Beverage Can Making is mainly invested by Baosteel Metal and a joint venture in support of Baosteel's Phase III project, along with investors including ArcelorMittal and Ijmuiden of Tata Steel. It is China's first two-piece steel can producer.

This company was incorporated in April 1996 and put into production on February 12, 1998. It has imported all major equipment from US and mainly produces 206/211x413 two-piece steel cans. Its current annual capacity is 600 million cans.

Compared with aluminum can, two-piece steel can feature low damage, sound coloured printing and ease for selection and recycling, as well as stable raw material price and potential cost advantages. At the initial stage of production, tinplate was imported as raw material. With the completion and production of Baosteel's Phase III project 1420 cold roll mill, now all tinplates have been produced and supplied by Baosteel, which has fundamentally changed the situation which required 100% raw material import in the past, tremendously shortened the lead time for can-making materials, reduced the cost and set a firm stage for further development.

Shanghai Bao Yi Beverage Can Making main customers cover drink companies and breweries. Steel cans have been supplied to famous drink companies and breweries both at home and abroad in large quantities, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Tsingtao Beer, Yanjin Beer. Such steel cans are also well sold in China's domestic markets. Currently, the company has around 150 employees with annual production and sales volume at around 600 million cans.