Vision and Commitment

Our position in the steel industry brings unique responsibilities and we are aware of the high demands expected of us being the market leader. We are committed to setting globally recognised standards with the needs of future generations in mind. Our goal is to provide the leadership that will transform the future of the steel industry.

Our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line, to include the people in which we invest, the communities we support and the world in which we operate. This long-term, sustainability approach is central to our business philosophy.

The focus of our efforts since the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel has been to identify best practices and areas for improvement. In the process, we are developing a new corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainable development framework across the Group supported by a consistent set of policies.

Corporate Responsibility Review

"Our progress towards Safe Sustainable Steel"  - Click to download the Corporate Responsibility Report for 2009