Case Studies

ArcelorMittal participates in a wide range of events and initiatives that are focused on aspects of stakeholder engagement processes.

Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association (HIEA), Canada

Our Canadian operations are one of the founding members of the Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association (HIEA). The HIEA is guided by the mandate to improve the local environment through joint and individual activities, and by partnering with the local community to enhance future understanding of environmental issues and establish priorities for action.
HIEA and its member companies build relationships within the community by proactively informing the public before undertaking activities that may affect residents. This is through face-to-face meetings or working with the public through the Association's Community Advisory Panel (CAP). This group has been important in establishing the priorities to help the HIEA achieve its mandate. CAP members meet monthly with member company representatives to learn from experts, raise concerns and discuss issues. These meetings provide an opportunity for CAP members to help HIEA member companies establish priorities for their own environmental programmes.

SRE Programme at ArcelorMittal Brazil

For a number of years our Brazilian operations have had in place a social transformation vision and a policy to disseminate sustainability concept and practices. This has culminated in the SRE Programme - Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility - which encourages participation of suppliers in the production chain to adopt responsible social and environmental practices: all our companies in Brazil have received several awards for their achievements in corporate responsibility and are ranked amongst the most admired companies locally.