Dialogue, Engagement & Partnership

We understand that to build and maintain our 'licence to operate', we need to develop good relationships with our stakeholders.

Dialogue at Group level involves understanding the expectations and concerns of our stakeholders and explaining our position on issues, management actions, performance and future objectives. Dialogue should be an ongoing part of everyday business, and we should supplement this with engagement on specific issues. We appreciate that some of the issues may be contentious, and we are committed to working to achieve consensus with our stakeholders on the most appropriate course of action.

We aim to explain our management approach and performance honestly and transparently. Where there is a gap between the expectations of stakeholders and our current position, we seek to understand the reasons and develop an appropriate management response. Where the views of stakeholders differ from those of the company, we will seek opportunities for further dialogue to explain our position.

Our regional and local operations have formed significant relationships with local stakeholders, and are increasingly applying a systematic approach to dialogue. As a Group, we must be respectful of cultural variances and understand the differing priorities of local stakeholder groups.