ArcelorMittal Xin Hua Men Elementary School

In order to help the relief efforts in China following the earthquake that struck Sichuan on Monday 12 May, ArcelorMittal decided to offer the design, technical support and construction of a new earthquake resistant school. Xinhuamen Elementary school is located in Tianshui City, Gansu Province. It is a public school renowed for its high teaching quality. The building suffered from irreparable structural damages during the earthquake and the original school has been demolished. Upon mutual Agreement between Tianshui government authority and ArcelorMittal, ArcelorMittal Foundation decided to donate the material and funds necessary to help the city to rebuild the school. The school will accommodate 2000 students.

ArcelorMittal wants to see that its donation not only provides imminent relief, but also sets an innovative example for responsible and sustainable construction for other schools to be built. Compared with traditional building materials, steel is less used for civil use buildings. The green design of the school therefore aims to demonstrate the use of steel with maximum efficiency and lowest environmental impact.

The Green principles of the school comprise the following:

 - Compliance with government codes, guidelines and approval procedures as well as guidance through international green building standards

 - Optimized structural design that is earthquake resilient; simple and efficient layout; optimized height for safety as well as efficient steel use.

 - Daylighting and Natural Ventilation with focus on optimized learning environment

 - Energy Optimization of thermal envelop and facade design to provide good insulation; Reduction of energy use compared to local standards while improving comfort; Optimization day lighting and natural ventilation Efficient shading Efficient building layout through concentration of buiding programs to shorten the distance of electricity distribution and wiring Building integrated Arsolar panels

 - Material: Balance use of steel and local material that are cost effective with minimum lifecycle environmental impacts such as bamboo flooring

 - Water: Watersaving fixtures & onsite rainwater collection



A new start after China earthquake: ArcelorMittal and Gansu inaugurate Xinhuamen Primary School