Dr. Tsai Hwan-Tang Wins "Hunan International Science & Technology Cooperation Award"

On February 8th 2012, Hunan Science & Technology Award Ceremony 2011 was held in Changsha. Mr. Zhou Qiang, Provincial Party Secretary and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress attended the ceremony and presented awards to the delegates. Mr. Xu Shousheng, Provincial Vice Party Secretary and Governor hosted the ceremony, along with Mr. Hu Biao, Chairman of Provincial Political Consultative Conference. Dr. Tsai Hwan-Tang, Deputy General Manager of Production from ArcelorMittal in Valin is awarded "Hunan International Science & Technology Cooperation Award".

Dr. Tsai Hwan-Tang, Chinese American, born in 1950 in Taiwan, currently Deputy General Manager of Production, Hunan Valin Steel Co. Ltd. He graduated from the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University in 1972, and obtained his PhD of metallurgy from Pennsylvania State University in 1981, who has worked for U.S. Steel, Inland Steel and ArcelorMittal successively.

Dr. Tsai served as the leader of the Metallurgical Team during the second and the third Sino-American Technology & Engineering Conference (1995 and 1997 in Beijing), successfully introduced "slag splashing protection for converters" to China, was received by state leaders, and won the highest honor of "National friendship Award" given by the State Council in 1999 due to the excellent effect (of saving RMB 2-4 per ton steel).

In October 2004, Dr. Tsai began the cooperation with Valin Steel, responsible for the reception of study groups from Lianyuan Steel and Xiangtan Steel to East Chicago steel mills and Mexican steel mills of Mittal Group, and participated in the due diligence before the establishment of the joint venture to assess the production capacity, quality, equipment, production costs and market potential of the steel plant. He made a significant contribution to the launch of the cooperative project between Valin Group and Mittal Group in October 2005. Afterwards, he paid several visits to Valin Steel and executed the technical transfer from ArcelorMittal to Valin Steel, including the operation of the first RH furnace and technical development of clean steel at Lianyuan Steel, as well as the service to Lianyuan Steel in the production of ultra-low carbon steel and electrical steel and to Xiangtan Steel in the production of F40 ship plate.

In early 2010, Dr. Tsai was appointed as Deputy General Manager of Production of Hunan Valin Steel Co. Ltd. to lead the three subsidiaries to march towards the Ą°world-classĄ± manufacturer in terms of quality, cost and customer satisfaction. In 2010, he spent most of his time on the 210 Converter Steel Plant of Lianyuan Steel, of which the production capacity is 4.5 million tons, and often went to the site to give process and technical guidance. His main contributions include:

• Leading the technical team and sharing the best practices of ArcelorMittal Group to push forward the excellent operation of 210 Converter Steel Plant.
• Creating a quality-oriented culture within the company. Establishing product and process quality system, quality assurance and quality control.
• Providing technical guidance through benchmarking. Implementing effective improvements in the light of cost saving, energy efficiency and process development in key production steps.

In addition, Dr. Tsai delivered a speech titled "Classification of Inclusions and Clean Steel Techniques" during the Xiangtan Steel Technology Week, and conducted technical guidance on slab quality management. He also participated in the research and production of large-round bloom single-strand caster (the largest in China, with a diameter of 800mm) of Hengyang Steel, and has contributed to the reduction of the bleeding-out rate of casting machine. In order to achieve the technical integration of the three subsidiaries, in December 2010, Dr. Tsai successfully organized the Knowledge Management Program (KMP) meeting (benchmarking meeting) introduced from ArcelorMittal, building a communication platform for the three steel companies to jointly resolve production and quality issues and share successful operating experience.

In the second half of this year, when the steel market was slack and enterprises were facing difficulties, Dr. Tsai Hwan-Tang focused on the company itself to save energy and reduce consumption, trying to achieve benefits through management. He invited ArcelorMittal energy team to the three steel companies to conduct diagnosis on energy consumption and find out gaps through benchmarking. He set up energy projects at Lianyuan Steel and developed action plans. So far, 16 improvement measures have been established, such as optimization of gas management, reduction of emissions, and improvement on self-generation rate, with the energy cost savings expected at RMB60 per ton steel.

Following the award, Dr. Tsai expressed that "It is quite an honor for me to receive the 'Hunan International Science & Technology Cooperation Award'. Since assigned by ArcelorMittal to Hunan Valin in 2010, I have enjoyed working at all three subsidiaries, especially by leading task force teams to solve quality problems at the production lines. Proper communication, lead by example, team work and mutual respect are the keys to success for our joint ventures in China.  I am happy that my contributions were recognized, and would share this achievement with all my co-workers at Hunan Valin, meanwhile IĄŻll join hands with them to help Hunan Valin become a world-class steel company."